Petition to: Stop the proposed development on Green Lane Chertsey

Rejected petition

We the undersigned petition Runnymede Borough Council to Stop the proposed development on Green Lane Chertsey.

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To safeguard our local community, we must try and get our feelings heard as this development of up to 175 homes, 3 storey buildings, a community hub and 5 traveller pitches all crammed into a small space will have a very severe backlash on the area.

The only access to the proposed Green Lane site is onto the already congested Green Lane, the increase of vehicles will cause noise and air pollution as well as back up of traffic.

Added to this, there will be a lot more people needing the services of our already overflowing hospital, GP surgeries, Dentists and schools.

The site is used by joggers, hikers and dog walkers as well as pedestrians wishing to walk to Chertsey without using main roads. The destruction of natural habitat in this area will be immense.

The agreed and pending developments need to be halted and investigated, please help us protect our area and the surrounding areas by signing this petition.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was an issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel

Additional information about this rejection:
The petition relates to planning applications and planning policy and regulatory matters. The site is an allocated site under policy SL14 of the Runnymede Local Plan 2030, a planning application will be forthcoming on the site and it would be inappropriate for the council to respond or comment given its regulatory role in determining that application. There is a formal set statutory planning process that residents can engage with and make representations through should an application be received