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Petition to: Install a camera at the Franklands Drive junction with Strawberry Fields

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Runnymede Borough Council to Install a camera at the Franklands Drive junction with Strawberry Fields. More details

Petition update from the council, 30 August 2017

The petition has been acknowledged by the Director of Housing and Community Development who will be considering all the issues raised in consultation with Officers from Community Safety. She will then discuss with the lead petitioner.

More details from petition creator

The level of crime in Franklands Drive has gone from zero to Hot Spot in the few short years the new estatae has been in place. Runnymede BC promised residents in Franklands and those wishing to move onto the new estate, that the only people who would be allowed to move to Strawberry Fields would be professional working people and/or families. This is not what has happened. Some residents in Strawberry Fields are suffering serious anti-social behaviour which is having a knock on effect in Franklands Drive. We have had an increase in litter, abuse, anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, car crime, cars ignoring the road signs and burglaries. We have had no help from the Police when incidents have been reported and no help from the council with the junction. We believe it is time for action and a camera is a start.

Current signatories

Annie Wade, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Sandra Hebditch
  • John Warden
  • Lisa Botana
  • Alan Brain
  • Matthew Botana
  • James Kirby
  • Sarah Leacock
  • Andrew Hall
  • Caroline Warden
  • Beverley Keane
  • Sarah White
  • Claire Ellis
  • Dominic Ellis
  • jacqui papillon
  • Gemma
  • Mr John White
  • Nicholas Guy Robinson
  • Kieran O'Keeffe
  • Abigail White
  • Richard Clutterbuck
  • Clare Occomore
  • Margaret Brady
  • Andy Sansom
  • Timothy King
  • Frances Baker
  • Judy Hounsome
  • Neil Mullard
  • Susan underhill
  • Andrew Collins
  • Joanne Collins
  • Stephen J Hounsome
  • Tim Loake
  • Stacey Loake
  • J.Bailey
  • Chris Loake
  • Sonia Appleby
  • L Meredith
  • Caroline Carroll
  • David Rousseau
  • Michelle Loake
  • Daniel Hudson
  • Patrick Whelan
  • Polly King
  • Margaret Hambley
  • Graham Barlow
  • Christopher Waddington
  • Colin Horwood
  • Michelle Wollen
  • Felicity olszak
  • Kate noto
  • Susan Barlow
  • J Rawlinson
  • Charlie Giambrone
  • Mia Giambrone
  • Mary Mills
  • Lee noto
  • Meg Webb
  • Stephen Olszak
  • Angela Olszak
  • Tony Giambrone
  • Susan Lenihan
  • Thomas lenihan
  • Mrs A White
  • Paul Keane
  • Mary Mein
  • Anthony Bright
  • Joe Occomore
  • Julie Rousseau
  • Mark Symons
  • Gillian Campbell
  • Rebecca White
  • Antony Olszak
  • Pauline Palmer
  • David Palmer
  • Tom Palmer
  • Matt Palmer
  • Margi Lamey
  • Hannah Lane
  • Guiomar Alonso
  • Ashley Beck
  • M. Anderson
  • M. Sen
  • Joanne Gardner